Powder Diverter

The Anubis Powder Diverter provides a space-saving solution for powder handling. This gravity diverter utilizes powered, rotating chute to direct powder materials from a single source to 6 different process destinations. The Anubis Powder Diverter requires a minimal footprint (0.2m²) and stack height (0.6m). The diverter is designed to reduce dead-spots where material and contaminants can build-up while ensuring an optimal pitch for material flow is maintained.

The Anubis Powder Diverter is designed with minimal moving components to reduce maintenance and improve reliability. The diverter chute is designed to rotate with a direct drive motor which means no gearbox, no belts and no chains are required. The motor is mounted in an IP67 enclosure constructed of either a light weight polyamide with flame resistance or a stainless steel polished to match the process requirements. The Anubis Powder Diverter is designed for easy integration into a central dust control unit.

The Anubis Powder Diverter can be used in numerous applications including bins, silos, hoppers and the all of the Anubis powder handling equipment.

Powder Diverter

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